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1.A title, a status if you will, given to one who always comes through for you in a clinch.

2.Someone who overachieves at anything

Note: You can also achieve duke status
1.Joe Dirrrrrt is the duke of earl for bringing the beer to the party.

2.Joe achieved duke status by hooking up with the hottest chick in school.
by Joe Dirrrrrrrrt June 09, 2005
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Refers to a non-espresso drink often made at coffee/tea shops in the Seattle-Tacoma area. It consists of a small amount of vanilla syrup (dependent on the size of the cup), an earl grey tea bag with a small amount of water to steep the tea and steamed milk. It is a lightly flavored, creamy alternative to straight tea. It can be made with other flavors of tea or syrups, which it is then referred to as simply a "duke". It is also less popularly known as an "Earl Grey Latte" at the corporate coffeehouse Starbucks.
Girl: I am dying for a Duke of Earl from Oppenheimer Cafe! Starbuck's Earl Grey Lattes taste like shit...
by Baristababe7 May 27, 2011
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1: A person who will be there for someone inevitably.

2: Former king of England.

3: One of the greatest songs conceived by man. It's a staple oldie written by none other than the legendary Gene Chandler.
1: Ey baby I'll be your Duke of Earl if you put out ey.

2: Serf #1 "Look ese it's the Duke of Earl"

Serf #2 " Simon he's a ranker ey"

3: Ey vato I just got Duke of Earl on a 45. Check me out ese...
by Vago Mesheeka September 04, 2009
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Full title is King Duke Lord of Earl - formally known as the King of England.

Invaded Neath on two occaisons in 1799 and 1999, both unfortunately bad losses for the duke.

The duke is the Messiah but the High Sheriff has not yet realised this -yet!

I have already put into motion plans to invade the duchy of Glamorgan and kill the High Sheriff, and make myself ruler of all Britannia.

I will then proceed to take the Sheriffs Promised One - Kate Talbot - he may die of a broken heart - hopefully :)

The city of Port Davies will be sacked and I will relegate Aberavon RFC to the 5th division - making Neath champions forever. then i will turn over the universities to the control of the EU. mwha ha ha haaaaaa!!!!

Following on from this i will blow up the Blodwen Buildings and burn down margam castle. the guardians will be my lowest slaves - carying out my evil wills.

The most horrific of plan is yet to be divised but i think i may invade the free city of Neath and make it up into a great city with great universities with a retail centre to rival oxford street. the greatest part of this city will be Cadoxton where i build a brand new Neath Abbey for worship of English greatness.

The Melyn will be torn down and in its place i will create a huge motorway to take people from this terrible place to the great kingdom of Earl!

I will build on the supposedly golden great sands of the Aberavon beach fronts - making them my places of evil pleasure.
The Duke of Earl is great and all powerful
by Duke of Earl February 08, 2005
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while getting sucked off, babe pulls off and you accidently squirt bijism (man goo, sperm, cum, etc.) in your own mouth causing hours upon hours of gut renching vomiting
dude, last night was horrible i gave me self the duke of earl ... man, i need to drink more pinnaple juice
by poopbandit#2 April 18, 2007
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