uttered only when your frustrated or pissed off
Bob: do u remember the last time u saw my wallet?

Fred: ya i think u left it in the cinema

Bob: now you tell me?...fuck fuck in the duck duck suck!!
by motherfucking mike June 19, 2008
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When you suckin' dick and you don't know when he gon' cum so you duck after a few sucks so it don't go down ya throat.
Elijah did a suck & duck on Amanda. She was finna to cum so he ducked the fuck out before she could nut. It landed in his juicy 'fro.
by Salvador Dolly Parton April 04, 2015
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A girl that you have on speed dial to suck your dick but don't fuck her at all. She just around when you want some head.
Last night I was in the mood to get some good as head so I called my suck duck over.
by Panty droppa December 25, 2015
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A suck duck is ducking and sucking.
Me and my mom were in the park and we we’re shot at so we did a Suck Duck, we ducked down and she sucked my dick
by Ltlitty November 23, 2019
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