Pushing your surfboard under an oncoming wave or white water with your knee or foot in an attempt to avoid being throttled.
You see that kook out there, he don't even know how to duck dive.
by skullcap January 14, 2004
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To dive into a large purse looking for something; like a duck diving into water to take a drink.
Guy: Why is your head in your purse?

Girl (while in purse): I am DUCK DIVING, I can't find my lipstick.
by DJ eNyM March 8, 2010
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A legendary boxing set up for the big KO,
duck dive windmill, Donkey Davies engineered this masterful show of fakery followed up by the huge Windmill knock out punch in white collar boxing events.
by devon donkey January 22, 2021
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Living by your wits
See Wide Boy for an example of someone who is expert and ducking and diving.
by Angus Brut June 27, 2010
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