With ex-IMf director Dominique Strauss-Kahn being accused of allegedly assaulting a housekeeper, dsk has become a synonym for wanting to have sex with a woman so much that you could be accused of sexually assaulting her
Man 1: She is a fiiiine piece of assss.
Man 2: Dam, i would dsk that!
by sammyboy7859 June 5, 2011
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"Down Syndrome Kid": A name given to someone that has not yet been diagnosed, but has every indication of mental retardation.
DSK: "There were over 70,000 Red Bull bitches at the Air Show and they all wanted my number"
by 26D March 16, 2008
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a super elite crew of hard hittin' gangsta's with guns and forties and blunts and shanks in their hands at all times.
man, those dsk kids sure are badass!
by lab March 10, 2004
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Dick Suck'in Kelly: A name given to a woman who though practice
perfects the art of the Blow Job. This Type of woman posses the ability be quite randy when properly motivated.
DAMN!!! I'd like to get a hold of that DSK
by ONEDRUNKMOOSE October 31, 2007
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generation boozer's from savage Minnesota, more specifically downtown savage cuz its more bad ass and worth much more street cred wise,

"having grown up on Lynn ave. a dirty savage kid he was. they all were."

from the Latin meaning to skip class and roll with the d.s.k.
or piglatin meaning to skip class and roll a joint with the dirty savage kids. like a family, shameless folk who come from the other side of the tracks. possibly made to be yelled at. good at always being sorry.
after i saw that her shirt said "meat" i felt like i fit in, like i belonged. than i realized oh snap shes a dskdirty savage kid no wonder im all alone. but you can bet shes not alone cuz shes a dskdirty savage kid.
by jjallstar88 January 25, 2011
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abbreviation for rapper Doggy Style Kyle aka K-Man, originated in Fayetteville, AR, member of Roadhouse Ent., co-wrote Ice Cream Hand Job
MDL and DSK kilt that Ice Cream Hand Job freestyle!!
by Lewisville Slugga February 28, 2010
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