The act of, at your drunken peak, having dirty sex with a friend or a stranger. Can lead to lesbian sex. Is generally either thought to be a dream, barely remembered or totally forgotten. Afterwards vomiting can result because of all the alcohol sloshing around. Also leads to regret in the morning, if remembered.
Dude, I totally think I had drunken sex with Brie last night.

OMG! I think I had drunken lesbian sex last night!

Did you see Tara and Emily having drunken sex last night? I wonder if they'll remember...
by onyxxy July 26, 2010
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This occurs during a perfectly drunken night of intercourse between two (or more) nymphomaniacs. All parties are in a drunken haze or dream like state. There proceeds to be a constant battle or power struggle (fun and non-violent) of who maintains dominance on top, resulting in continuous position changes from being on top, to being on bottom until one of the parties submits. These twisting, toppling, turning and tangling motions resemble that of an actual blender.
Party 1: “How do you feel this morning after how amazing last night was?”

Party 2: “Oh I definitely feel great. But I am kind of drained and exhausted. It was a god damn drunken sex blender lol.”
by A-Zo88 April 23, 2019
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Drunken monkey sex is when you pleasure your partner so incredibly well that when done he/she walks as if they were indeed a drunk monkey.
Wow, Chad fucked me so good last night that I felt like i had drunken monkey sex!
by istitch October 28, 2017
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Having sex with someone after they are so drunk that they forget to take their underwear off to take a shit.
Kelly fucked that Kyle guy after he was so plastered that he shit his boxers. Then the whole basement smelled like drunken poop sex.
by Young Nasty Man July 18, 2004
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The result of a heavy night of drinking which leads to the bringing home of a girl that is in a similar state of sobriety. Oftentimes the use of four or more *condoms are involved due to the enthalpy and entropy of the intercourse.
*Warning: Sometimes leads to the CLIM CLIM.
"Man, I had the best crazy drunken monkey sex last night with some girl. But I'm off to the doctor so I'll talk to you later."
by Vagena Hurtz December 28, 2007
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