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A Perfectly Drunken Night takes place when you (male or female) have had just the right amount of alcoholic beverages to perform substantially above par sexually, usually resulting in exceeding previous expectations and smashing personal bests/records in the bedroom.
Guy 1: “So how did last night go after you left the bar with juicy booty?”

Guy2: “Man it was definitely a perfectly drunken night. I hit her with the pound game and made her cum like 12 times. We lost count!”
by A-Zo88 April 23, 2019
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This occurs during a perfectly drunken night of intercourse between two (or more) nymphomaniacs. All parties are in a drunken haze or dream like state. There proceeds to be a constant battle or power struggle (fun and non-violent) of who maintains dominance on top, resulting in continuous position changes from being on top, to being on bottom until one of the parties submits. These twisting, toppling, turning and tangling motions resemble that of an actual blender.
Party 1: “How do you feel this morning after how amazing last night was?”

Party 2: “Oh I definitely feel great. But I am kind of drained and exhausted. It was a god damn drunken sex blender lol.”
by A-Zo88 April 23, 2019
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The male art of delivering pleasurable, skillful, and or seemingly experienced sexual intercourse(either vaginal or anal)
Mike: "Man how did you get her to a start cooking for you every day,?"

Tim: "I had to put that pound game on her."
by A-Zo88 March 7, 2015
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