clothes and pants

people and women

sports and football

colors and red

politicians and Barack Obama

numbers and 6

letters and A

food and pizza

facial hair and beards

cities and Detroit

animals and lizards

plants and ferns

countries and China
Why do people say "drugs and alcohol?"
by lizardwizard October 1, 2012
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/drəɡs inˈklo͞odiNG ˈalkəˌhôl/

1.) A way to include Alcohol in the same general category as other classes of drugs

2.) To be used in place of Drugs and Alcohol
D.A.R.E. class didn't teach our generation shit regarding Drugs, including Alcohol
by TheTallestPsychonaut January 16, 2022
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/drəɡs inˈklo͞odiNG ˈalkəˌhôl/

1.) a way to include Alcohol in the same category as Drugs

2.) to be used in place of 'Drugs and Alcohol'
A reported 49% of young people have consumed Drugs including Alcohol within the past week.
by TheTallestPsychonaut December 21, 2021
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