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Chris: Hey wanna go to disney universe
Josh: We can't
Chris: why
Josh: Because i blew it up in my epic battle with chuck norris
Chris: wtf is that y your last name is drude
by TheDrude December 15, 2007
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A drude is a nude image a person sends while under the influence of alcohol; a drunk nude. Said nude image does not have to particularly have been taken while drunk.
Person 1: I fucked up
Person 2: What happened?
Person 1: I had too much to drink last night, I sent them a drude.
by fccastor June 13, 2016
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When you go to a fast food "restaurant" (particularly Sub-way or Chipotle, generally restaurants that make your food in front of you) and decide to order and and the worker refuses to make any type of eye contact while making your lunch. Furthermore, he refuses to initiate any small talk and answers your own small talk with a mumbled "yes" resulting in an extremely awkward situation where both of you are simply staring off into randomness while your sandwich is in the toaster. Both of you start dreading the awkwardness and begin wishing for the timer to quickly turn on while sweating nervously. Afterwards, he rings you up still refusing to make any eye contact and mumbles the cost of your order just enough for you to understand the first number. You ask again for the cost and he STILL mumbles it where you can't hear him and you decide to just hand him a 20.
I just had a drude experience at the Sub-Way earlier, worst 5 minutes of my damn life.
by briannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn January 26, 2018
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