The sweety who can change the mood of a room just by walking into it and flashing that awesome smile. She has a laugh that is contagious and curls that would make you envy her!! Quite the package!!
That girl is Drucilla!!
by iknowalittlesomething February 3, 2010
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A super cool girl who is friends with a girl named Renee who is not as cool but still pretty cool. They shake their booties and watch the Walking Dead on Tuesdays. Hella cute.
Drucilla the killlaaaa will eat your gorillaaaa.
by A Horny Goat March 26, 2012
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A girl who shaves half her head, which in return you can shine light at and it will reflect into peoples eyes.
Girl says to bald man: Oh gosh, that hair is like drucilla's.
by Not Bald July 11, 2010
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gay. very gay. also kind of a bitch. bonus points if they are either an aries, gemini or aquarius. god if you meet a Drucilla, RUN for the hills. like no joke this bitch is hella fake and you DON'T wanna be associated with them I PROMISE. They will latch onto one person and literally try and become a carbon copy of them until they cant take it and try cutting them off and THEN latch onto your crush and think you like them
person 1: "Bruh did you hear about Milly, she befriended a girl called Drucilla,"
person 2: "FUCK tell her to drop that bitch the first chance she gets!"
person 1: "ah why? she seemed decent tho?"
person 2: "nah dog, she's hell in person. like, if satan had a worst fear, its one of those."
person 1: "oh word? okay, I'll let her know."
by ece3192 September 13, 2020
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