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gay. very gay. also kind of a bitch. bonus points if they are either an aries, gemini or aquarius. god if you meet a Drucilla, RUN for the hills. like no joke this bitch is hella fake and you DON'T wanna be associated with them I PROMISE. They will latch onto one person and literally try and become a carbon copy of them until they cant take it and try cutting them off and THEN latch onto your crush and think you like them
person 1: "Bruh did you hear about Milly, she befriended a girl called Drucilla,"
person 2: "FUCK tell her to drop that bitch the first chance she gets!"
person 1: "ah why? she seemed decent tho?"
person 2: "nah dog, she's hell in person. like, if satan had a worst fear, its one of those."
person 1: "oh word? okay, I'll let her know."
by ece3192 September 13, 2020
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