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intentional typo of the word "drunk", used to illustrate a reasonable state of inebriation. intended to replicate the common result of ones thumbs becoming effectively fatter due to alcohol consumption, and using said thumbs to bash out an sms, tweet or facebook status, hitting extra keys in the process and being too drunk to notice and correct. using the word "drunk" would not be enough to those that use this word, as the the correct spelling might suggest that in fact they are not drunk at all. the irony being that the calculated use of the word "drubnk" would suggest an even soberer state, due to most phones auto-correction back to "drunk" being probably consciously overturned. the other words in a sentence will usually be correctly spelled, intentionally, to highlight further that "drunk" has been misspelled.
Am drubnk in pub, where are you?
by ovrdse September 04, 2010
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