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When you move beyond the have a cow stage, and you actually find some chick (or guy) who will suck you off. You spray some aerosol whip cream on your rock hard cock to give your cocksucker some pleasure while she (or he) pleasures you. That spray whipped cream cums in lots of flavors now!
Miss N. Cox said she would suck me off (but I had to pay her). She said she would only do it if I covered my cock with Strawberry Whipped Cream every couple of minutes. What a dream whip! Not ALL of the cream came out of a can!!! She swallowed every ounce of my cum without hesitation.
by Harry Hickman December 01, 2006
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The frothy, whipped up after-effects of a night spent violently tossing turning after a month's worth of pent up fapple juice explodes, without notice, during a sex dream about Stacy's mom.
Jose, awash in a sea of his daily dream whip, found that he no longer needed chapstick to keep his lips moist.
by Socrotes' Fapple Juice April 04, 2017
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