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The intent or actuation of driving down to an event, location or similar, but while doing so listening to a selection of some ‘quality tuuunes’ on the stereo and as a result recreating the atmosphere of the rave in your vehicle.
Person A: ‘fook... guess was-appenin’ tonight?!.. Jay De Silva is gonna dress up in a corset and play his drums while jumpin’ on a trapampoline!’

Person B: ‘wraaaaaa!... lets have a drink at the poob then bust a chickow-cow down’

Person A ‘Coolio yo.. but the tubes are all foooked!’

Person B ‘Get yo playlist bitch!.. we’re DRAVE (IN)’ it’
by maxplasma November 26, 2010
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Short for dave the rave. Normally given to daves who are awesome and are a laugh, by his coolest friends.
"Omg Drave is such a legend."
"hes/shes such a Drave." (when stating that someone is close to being as cool as a geniune Drave)
by Warioman February 23, 2008
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