Used to define someone a bit over the edge and unstable. With this instability also comes near god like skills with blades, hand to hand combat, and of course, spoons. A De Silva is commonly known to hate the French.
Holy shit! Did you see Aragorn cuts all those people down? He's quite the De Silva.
by DARKJESTER December 29, 2005
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the hottest 18th-century guy around! deep brown eyes, white scar on his eyebrow, VERY impressive abs, ... transparent body... (well, not anymore)

Jesse de Silva is like, on the top 10 list of hottest boys on earth! He's from the mediator series by Meg Cabot, and i LOVE him! i know he's not real, but i really did fall for the guy!!

"his voice! so deep, it seemed to reverberate down my spine. it was Jesse's voice alright, but suddenly, it was in surround sound, it was THX..." - the mediator 6 - meg cabot
"never had I been so aware of the way his dark hair curled against the back of his tanned neck; the deep brown of his eyes; the whiteness of his teeth; the strength in those long legs as he knelt down beside me..." - the mediator 6 - meg cabot
me: *writes I¢¾JDS* somewhere
friend: who's JDS?
me: Jesse de Silva! i love Jesse de Silva!!
by hOtnSpiCY92 June 4, 2006
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Character from The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot:
19th Century bitch who was set to marry her cousin, Jesse De Silva, but had him murdered so that she wouldn't have to marry him. After Jesse was killed, went off and married a slaverunner named Diego. Pretty, superfical, and evil!
Me: OMG, How could Maria be so mean to Suze?!
Friend: Huh, who?
Me: Maria! Ya know...Maria De Silva? The one that had Jesse killed then married Diego and came back as a ghost to hold a knife to Suze's throat to have her stop the digging in the backyard so that they wouldn't find Jesse's body!
Friend: You need therapy.
Me: You need a Barnes & Nobles.
by Adeliade Rockefeller November 26, 2006
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A typical black man who plays league with a bunch of Asians and white guys. He is alright at league but if you main a lane he will take it and play it horribly. Stay away from this person at all costs.
Don't be a son of a Sadiv De Silva.
by Heapfam November 10, 2019
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Able to turn lesbians straight from one single encounter.
Oi you know Leon de silva? He turned my sister straight, people believe he’s Magician
by Randindonnychefchef December 28, 2019
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Ben is a amazing human being, gorgeous blue eyes and blonde fluffy hair. He’s the sweetest boy alive and once u meet him you wont wanna lose him. Ben usually listens to music, hangs out with friends and is mean to his ex girlfriend. But he’s really hot
Have you seen ben today?

He’s so cool

Of course he is it’s ben de silva
by jongdalekingle June 16, 2022
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