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A "news" show hosted by Daniel "Killer Keemstar" Keem, a garden gnome.
person 1: did you watch dramaalert's newest video yet?
person 2: no, but let's go dislike it
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1) The worst fucking thing ever.
2) The cancer of Youtube.
3) The ruiner of careers.
4) NIGGER (amirite)
"Did you hear that dramaalert got canceled? I'm so sad" - Worthless fag that's probably 11 years old.
"Good" - Literally everyone else.
by Hzhdhdhs OK ddjdusisj June 17, 2016
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A show hosted by youtuber keemstar "reporting" on "news" in the online community. It's been reported in the past to contain hypocritical and false statements. It's pretty much shit. A lot of youtubers also use it as a joke when talking about ending up on the news.
Hey man i just subbed to dramaalert it seems pretty informing.

Nah man don't trust that shit. I mean it's run by some fucked up host who some youtubers like scarce get harassed by.
by Purplesnower July 17, 2016
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The main channel and website of Youtube scumbag and racist fake "news" host, Daniel Keem, aka Keemstar. He is well known for:

-making racist tweets
-insulting the morons who call themselves "fans" who honestly deserved it for following such a douche
-making accusations without any evidence, and if there is, it's usually fake or not good enough.
-causing the downfall of several famous youtubers, like Bashur, Yamimash, and others
-more bullshitting than a politician
-He ordered his drones to attack a 62 year old man who was livestreaming, and made him cry.

People have exposed this asshat so many times you'd think he'd be appearing on a porn magazine. But he keeps spewing out so-called "drama" and won't stop, he's the shit and famous youtubers are his litter-box.
DramaAlert is a massive douche.
by Spoi September 23, 2016
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A internet TMZ style of show hosted by Keemstar the show is based on telling news to the youtube community and he covers every kind of youtube drama good and bad.
have you watched dramaalert today i heard Sam Peppers pranks were fake
by True_Author May 19, 2016
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