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1. when a girl has too much shit in her purse, she has to dump
it all out just to find something. she is usually in
distress from another situation.
2. when a person blows a situation out of proportion because
of their own neglect to understand or comprehend what is
going on. their true emotions become apparent revealing
secret feelings for the person the drama is being directed
to. they let everything out of the closet.
1. she was only in here for five minutes and she lost her
keys. she had to "drama dump" her purse to find them.

2. i told you where i was and who i was with. you didn't have
to bust a "drama dump" in front of everyone!
by spacebiscuit213 October 17, 2007
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When someone dumps all of their dramatic life issues on you upon first meeting them.
Damn, she just drama dumped me!
by OParks December 06, 2010
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