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Drama Kids are the main kids that act and are behind the scenes in all the high school plays and musicals. They all have strange obsessions with dancing and Broadway show song lyrics. They hang out with the Teen Hippies, dress "originally ", sometimes parade around campus with stupid posters about how everyone should stop eating meat and join the Peace & Justice Club or Gay/Strait Alliance. They are mean to everyone that's not a Drama Kid or Teen Hippy and enjoy traveling via bus to San Francisco and other destinations to see Broadway shows so they can buy its soundtrack, listen to it forever and sing them during lunch to everyone that doesn't want to hear them or care.
Damn those Drama Kids. All they do is lay about at lunch, eat their organic food and talk about how theater is far better then books or movies. DAMN THEM! Go to UCSC already! I hope you all overdose during your nightly drug party with all the other Drama Kids and Teen Hippies!
by All Drama Kids Annoy Me June 9, 2005
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