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Someone who likes drama. They will often appear in (or try out for) every single school play that there is. And can often be seen spending endless hours in or around the drama and chorus rooms of the average high school. Some drama kids are also very involved with chorus. They love to perform and they love the arts. They are also known to take a lot of art or language classes. A small portion of drama kids may also take band.

If there is a starbuck's in the area, they can often be found there after school, on weekends, after a performance, or just about any random time of day(because true drama kids need no reason to go to starbucks). Other hangouts for drama kids are the mall, a bookstore, taco bell, chick-fil-a, and school. Particularly when they are working on a production, drama kids practically live at school. Whether its staying late because of a rehersal or working on a set piece, or just talking with other drama kids, they're there(at school-usually by the drama and/or chorus rooms). Drama kids are also known to get all of their friends and/or family into drama and the arts.
If you go to the school play(or get dragged there by someone against your will), they are usually the main characters. If you repeatedly go to stuff that's sponsered by the drama department or a drama class, they're always there or involved in some way.

"There go all those drama kids again, at starbucks."
by salasalu06 May 24, 2006
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