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A drama kid is someone who spends the majority of their time on the stage/drama room.

You never see what goes on when they are in there. Except in rare occasions when the stage curtains/wall is open and people in the Caf see whats going on.
Drama kids hang out with other drama kids and are generally very flirtatious.
They are some of the coolest kids you will ever know, no matter how nerdy they seem. Many spend their free time gaming, playing Dungeons and Dragons and other drama related things.
Generally drama kids have chosen to spend their high school years on the stage and with that chose become social outcasts. However, the drama kid does not care.
There are two types of drama kids:
The, "OMG, I don't care what you think, so I'll do it anyway." Drama kid, Type A.
and the "Oh, well I'll just be quiet in front of people." Drama kid, Type B

Type A drama kid is the same on stage/ in the drama room, as they are anywhere else, the do not tone down their wildness for your benefit.

Type B Drama kid is someone who acts completely different in front of Drama kids, but shys away in front of others.

Drama kids can be indentified by their, original choices in clothing, and general awsomeness.
"Oh Gosh, Ken is such a drama kid! All he does is talk about DnD and COD!"
by 4everAdramaKid December 23, 2009
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