Top definition or DL.. An online community for those who identify as gay, lesbian, queer, downe, bisexual, bicurious, not sure, hag/stag, ftm(female to male), mtf(male to female).. also called the "gay myspace".. A place to make friends or more than friends ;)..
I saw a crapload of people from Downelink at Pride..
by Tria a.k.a Trent August 22, 2006
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2 or DL is a social website similar to MySpace but with more limited options for customization.

DL's primary users are either downe or a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered Community though the occasional straight "Fag/Stag Hag" can be found.

A majority of the members are Black, Asian (primarily Filipino and Vietnamese) and Latin. White members are uncommon.

Features of the site include Bulletins, Missed Connection (to post ads of personal interests...though it's usually not used for that purpose), Videos, Photos, News Updates, Groups, Chatting, Blogs and Flirting function to search for downelink members in your area.

Here is a excerpt from the site:

"DowneLink is an online LGBT community that allows users to interact with one another through social networks and resources. The foundation of DowneLink is to provide a space for Downe people and their friends to exchange ideas, build friendships, and utilize local and nationwide services. As with any community, we hope to grow and introduce new and innovative services that will suit their wants and needs.

Whether it is meeting new people, keeping in touch with old friends, searching for the best cafes or discussing your views on life, DowneLink is your online gay community for communication and resources."
Ugh, those Downelink bitches always giving out their Boo-jinas!!

The people on DL are nothing but D-R-A-M-A!!!
by pinoy_papi November 20, 2008
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a website for GLBT ONLY. something like MYSPACE but corny, has less space to add stuff on your page, and allows you to flirt instead of just browse. wow!
oh, you have a myspace page, and your gay, are you on downelink too??
by jusenee January 12, 2006
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