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(n) One who's general lack of intelligence is so grotesque, that it is beyond comprehension.
Jason Jou is a fucking douchehat.
by feature January 10, 2004
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1 : Completely idiotic, without redeeming value, used when douche bag is not derogatory enough (after all, douche bags serve a potentially useful purpose.)
2 : Totally useless or frivolous, as in a miniature hat meant to sit on top of a douche bag.
That guy came out of nowhere and kicked me in the nuts for no reason! What a douche hat.
by hanlonsrazor February 14, 2006
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A not-so-common synonym for flat-brimmed cap 'flat cap', most commonly used by baseball players. Also commonly used in common urban culture. It is nicknamed a douche-hat because it is common dress of many high-school douches, douchebags, assholes and jerks.
Person 1: "You're wearing a douche hat? Lame."
Person 2: "Hypocrite, you wear them all the whoop-de-fucking time, y'know!"
by peacelovefriendship September 18, 2013
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An individual who tends to appear in public wearing a douche-bag as a headdress. This act may be associated with an individual who exhibits the character traits of a douche, but typically derive from acceptable contexts, suggesting less malintent. That is, an individual may convey the opinions of a douche in context, but not in their overall life. See "Douche".
Individual 1: "Ben is a douchebag!"

Individual 2: "No, he just likes to argue"

Individual 1: "This is true, we cannot fault him for this, but his sentiments remain distasteful; as a result, he is a douchehat!"
by wordsmith5 July 15, 2011
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