The highest degree of impossibility in the universe. Represented by the well-established physics equation 2(infinite/infinite) = GMm/R^2. This blatant disregard for the laws of gravity can be seen in several well-known video game titles. It is widely speculated that performing this move will send our universe into chaos. Up will become southeast, black will become orange -red (but not red-orange!), and unicorns and leprechans will escape from Narnia and spew forth from where the jump was committed. Existance as we know it will end as a orange-red hole (there's no black) will emerge and destroy Earth, the offender, everything, and even the universe. Nice job Mario.
He double jumped his way out of existance. Stupid bastard.
by StutteringStan September 28, 2006
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a l33t counter strike player who pwns ppl in the face
double jump got a headshot on ass clown with and Mp5
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Defined: During sex, doggy-style whilst standing up. When you get to the point of cumming way too early than you wanted too. So you pull out, literally jump straight up and do hand motions as if you are taking a jump-shot in basketball. On the way down, you open your palms up and slap both butt cheeks with full desire.

"Bro! Last night I was with this chick, we got freaky in bed and I gave her a double Jump slap her".
by Burner Mike 7 August 16, 2019
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When you jump and then nut to jump higher

Similar to double jumping in Mario but you nut instead
Kid 1: yo our ball is stuck up on the roof
Kid 2: I got got you all I have to do is double jump nut
by Crill March 9, 2020
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Another name for a hidden shortcut in a forest/city/cave/race track/etc that for the longest time lays undiscovered, but once someone finds it, word gets around and everyone will try to use it as well, with varying levels of success.

The name comes from a fabled exploit in Mario Kart 64, when playing Rainbow Road, turn and jump just as you start down the first ramp, and if done right, you'll skip a huge portion of the track
Guy 1: There's gotta be a faster way out of this forest!
Guy 2: Follow me, there's a double R jump just up the road, we'll use that!
by Metallicajunkie October 21, 2018
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A trendy new dance generally reserved for those with the the rhythm of a usher, chris brown, or MJ, but that should be attempted by all. The dance goes as follows:
1. The beat kicks in to a song
2. Jump while simultaneously fist pumping and throwing your knees in the air
3. Hop backwards while jumping
4. Smile, laugh, and sign are now the life of the party
5. Post video on you tube and reference @bwarner and @30PercentHero

Recommended song: "one" by swedish house mafia

Clap, clap, thump, thump, thump

@bwarner @30PercentHero
Did you see that guy doing the double fist pump jump!?! That was so routh.
by @30PercentHero October 29, 2010
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