to see double because you drank too much alcohol
i could barely walk straight because i had double vision
by cmj14221 February 12, 2008
when your in love with two people at once, you often cannot choose who you love more, constantly perplexed on who to be with or go for.
I got double vision, I like Alexis but also like Kate
by yoblondebabee September 8, 2017
A sex act where you have a friend hide in the closet as you have sex with your girl facing an open window. Keep pulling out and playing with her till she stops looking back when you pull out. You then wave your friend out of closet and have him take over as you sneak out of the house and wave at her through the window.
guy 1: I finally got it through to Erin that it over.

guy 2: How did you do it.

guy 1: Me and Jay gave he the double vision
by slayerofable January 30, 2011
A word used to describe 2 of the same thing. That thing is insignificant, and the whole sitution is confusing.
"Holy crap-shait! I thought there was only one of you, but I guess my double vision got the best of me!"
by DAVIO D.V June 12, 2005
the feeling of confusion, amazment of seeing twins at the same time
I saw Jake and John at the same time and expierenced double vision.
by CraZy4AsiaNs June 12, 2005
The delusion that you've got company.
Shit! Sitting on the internet for 14 hours or drinking all that alcohol has given me double vision. It gives me the impression of company but clearly i'm delusional.
by Schizo Bubble August 19, 2008