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when you're so bored whilst looking at facebook that your eyes just phase out and wander over your computer screen, until you notice your favorites toolbar and see the link to facebook and think 'ah, facebook; that will alleviate my boredom', and clicking it raises you mood ever so slightly until you realise you have in fact just double facebooked yourself.
Tom: 'dude, where were you last night? we had an awesome house party with about thirty people here, it was legendary'

Dick: 'what party?! no one told me about this! i thought you were having a quite evening in with harry!'

Tom: 'we were, but then we decided to have a party. sorry man i thought harry told you.'

Dick: 'i am so angry about this, last night i was so bored i ended up double facebooking myself like three times.'
by the fierce cactopus August 25, 2010
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Having two browsers open with Facebook on both. Commonly used when playing multiple facebook games, or by forgetting that you already have facebook open.
guy: How do you manage to level up all your facebook games so fast?
guy 2: It's easy, you just use double facebooking!
by Addicted2Facebook December 19, 2009
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