Those players in a Free for all game mode who are too scared to fight for themselves, so instead they team up with their friend and when they are the only 2, they probably won't do shit till games over.
"Javier and Jacob are fucking teamers in free for all, vote kick them."
by Afellowgamer May 11, 2020
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Bitch that teams on a solo game cause he is so bad to get a win by himself.
Teamer1: Wanna team?
Teamer2: Ok
Intellectual: Ew Teamers
by NotFUnnidUd May 11, 2021
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a teamster;

a member of a teamsters Union;

a person who drives a team, a carriage or a truck for hauling, especially as an occupation;

a messenger of specific information to unite normally uncommon people or elements
Joe, another teamer within the company, said the benefits they provide outweigh it all.
We need at least ten teamers within these five cities to effectively reach our target market.
by a_real_teamer December 15, 2013
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The 9 year olds in Murder Mystery that uses sonic the hedgehog as a hairstyle and suck so badly at the game so they team, and probably also online date.
A player with braincells after explaining the rules of the game: "And that's why you don't team."
Teamer1: "bUt iT sAyS nOtHinG aBoUt tEaMerS sO wE cAn dO tEaMInG!11"
Teamer2: "tHaTs rIgHt!!11111"
Every other player that also has braincells: *s t a r e s*
by Chee2 February 14, 2021
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When a girl sits in a room and one guy comes in and has sex with her, then he leaves and another guy comes in and has sex with her, and then another guy, and another, and another, and so on. The girl would be called a teamer.
At the party last night, she was a teamer.
by notateamer January 11, 2011
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""Ed Sheeran biggest fans"" but clearly, have only listened to The A Team (Give Me Love, and/or Lego House.)
Briana: omg i love ed sheeran!!!
Hannah: REALLY ME TOO! what's your favorite song?
Briana: THE A TEAM!!!
Diana: i bet this is the only song you've heard from him begone let's leave her to her misery

Ed: i'm so tired of these lil shitheads, they can never sing along to any of my other songs, bet they don't even have my album

Briana: I'm allergic to A Teamers
by edsherun July 24, 2013
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