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A name for a person, who has any unwanted quality, or bad qualities. Like
exhibiting the qualities of being boring, acting unintelligent or being unintelligent, being strange, acting inappropriate, being odious, being EGOTISTICAL, eating too much and being Overweight and revolting looking, obsessed about unimportant things, being very difficult, being cruel to others for no reason, showing the trait of being greedy, unattractive and a cunt.
1. Dude that girl from Isketch, she is a total dorkified.

2. She is a dorkified, no doubt about it man.
by Guardian Glass July 04, 2008
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When someone starts dressing like a total dork, after years of doing the opposite.
Have you seen John Mayer lately? The guy totally dorkified himself! He used to dress cool, but now he looks like a total dork!
by Meadow Soprano September 23, 2014
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