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1) A person that is so stupid that you swear they have their head so far up their ass they cant see daylight

2) Someone ignorant to just about everything but Star Wars and WW2 model airplanes
1) "Man, I have tried to explain how to turn the VCR on to Mark for like ten damn minutes. What a freekin dork ass"

2) "Hey Dork Ass, may the force be with you. So why dont you quit fuckin around with that damn model airplane and get me a soda....BIOTCH!"
by Munkstress July 12, 2005
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Pronounced Dork - Ass
A nicer way to say "dumbass".

A mild term of endearment between friends.

An inside joke beteween my friend and I, as she is the one who invented the car...while I was driving... Between the years 2000 - 2001.
You are such a Dorkass!

I'm a Dorkass!

by Teganoid August 08, 2006
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unique form of idiot, found only in the suburban jungles of america; see assmunch
Dont be such a dorkass!
by jesus christ September 25, 2003
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One that scrogs wales in the anus
"hey look ted i'm harpooning willy!!...*doink"
by Midget Wonder February 03, 2003
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