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The thick framed glasses that are now 'popular' and are seen being worn by many hipsters/people trying to be 'stylish'.

And they're actually called BUDDY HOLLYS/BUDDY HOLLY GLASSES.
Idiot: "Oh, I just love those nerd glasses, they are sooo trendyyy!"
Me: "You mean those Buddy Holly's?"
Idiot: "..Who the hell is Buddy Holly?"
Me: "*facepalm*"
by Person (: August 28, 2010
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Frequently thought to be worn only by emos. Black glasses with thick plastic frames. Can look attractive if worn right. Normally people presume that -
a. If you wear these glasses, you are an emo/poser
b. People who wear these glasses wear them purely for the look. They are never prescription.
However this is wrong. I know because I wear black, thick framed plastic nerdglasses. I am not an emo, (though I have nothing against emos except for the fact that people stereotype me as one) in fact I got these glasses as a mark of respect to The Smiths, one of my favoruite (definitely not emo) bands, because Morrissey used to wear nerdglasses. This probably does make me a poser. But not an emo.
And my glasses are also prescription. I can't see without them. I just decided to get a nice and vaguely original pair if I had to have them at all.
girl: Hey, love the nerdglasses! You must be really emo, right?
me: Er, no. I need these to see.
by Drowner April 06, 2009
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Nerd glasses are either glasses that have lenses or don't. When you're wearing ones with lenses, they look a bit more realistic. When you're wearing ones without lenses, you look like a nerd, meaning you also pretend to be an intelligent person, since they wear glasses too.
Check out my nerd glasses! They do not have any lenses! Now I can go out and pretend I'm somebody else! LOL
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by JellyBean600 July 16, 2018
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