To come up with a comicly bad idea.
Dorgan: Lets release a GPL licenced version of OpenBSD.
Everyone else: Ho Ho, Hang on - Thats stoopid.
by Steve_Isnt_Dutch September 20, 2007
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Dorgan: an organ that has been donated. ;2..someone who is an organ donor.
What kind of Dorgan are you waiting for?
by Jose' Shmeer November 26, 2011
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someone with God-given sex appeal, sure to turn heads when they walk into a room. Please, dont be alarmed, they love holding toes rather than hands, especially in the room you sleep in. A fighter since the womb, they will never back down from a challenge. Sure to be socially awkward art times, but you cant blame them, it takes two to create the child, and its not their mother's genes. They have a nice balance of morbid obesity yet cultured with a touch of racism. The best of both worlds one might say. Im so horny rn. Not only are their toes enormous, but so is their lower left intestine. It really gets everyone in the room gassed up. Along with luscious locks of hair, probably better than your moms, they have an uncanny resemblance to Lavar Ball (black middle aged man), but you will never hear them brag about it because of how humble they are. Basically to sum it up, this person is like taking Xanex and LSD while getting railed from the behind by a guerrilla-monster. Not to be mistaken for a guerrilla like harambe, because harambe was a pussy compared to this shit.
Person 1: "Doctor, please prescribe me something my anxiety and depression is making me want to eat ass."
Person 2: "I will prescribe you with a daily zoom call with my brotha fromah notha motha Gennifer Dorgan Phillip John Pagano Keerat Howe Octavias Maximum Security Prison 6ix9ine, their raw sexual charisma will radiate through your body and cure your problems immediately
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Looks like Dorgan has had a few too many drinks
by MrDuwangerson December 27, 2021
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Keller is a name given to special people. The name Keller is a Gaelic baby name. In Gaelic the meaning of the name Keller is: Little champion, most of the time. They are very good at music, and enjoy poking people. Keller always has a sweatshirt, just in case :) Keller also has more Fortnite wins than you. Their hair is also strange. You wish you were Keller.
Oh, was that Keller Dorgan? I wish i was him.

I heard Keller Dorgan has more Fortnite wins than ninja.
by notapersonuknow March 22, 2019
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