When you bang someone solely because they look similar to another person you want to do.
Guy 1: She looks kind-of like Jessica Alba, but less hot.
Guy 2: Shes a dopplebanger for sure.
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lesbian slang: a woman who likes to sleep with women who look similar to her.
"You two are dating? I thought you were related."
"I'm a dopplebanger, what can I say?"
by stripedair July 3, 2018
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Someone who is attracted to people who are similar to them in terms of aesthetic or physical features.
"Have you seen Jess's new girlfriend? They could be twins!"

"Yeah, total dopplebanger!"
by Lil scoot July 10, 2018
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When you find someone doing porn who looks just like a friend, but said friend insists it isnt her rubbing one out on her webcam (though it probably really is)
"Hey is this (insert whatever porn website mysteriously popped up on your computer) you"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes! It must be my dopplebanger. Why are you looking at asian porn?"
"Um.... got to, I have a phone call. fapfapfapfapfap"
by evilmidgetwholikestotorment December 19, 2008
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(n.) a guy who gets girls drunk and then has sex with them (usually in a darkened room) while pretending to be their boyfriend

dopplebang (v.): to intentionally get a girl so drunk that she has sex with you because she confuses you with her boyfriend
(n.) "Don't let Jack keep feeding you shots of Old Crow -- he's a well-known dopplebanger!"

(v.) Michele: "Yo, how did Bill manage to fuck Molly at that kegger when her boyfriend went to the bathroom?"
Michael: "He totally dopplebanged her!"
by Jody R. Gross February 21, 2007
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An internet porn chick who looks a lot like someone you know in real life that you want to bang.
I've always thought that she was hot. I have been surfing porn sites for her Dopplebanger for years.
by Smith Master August 31, 2009
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Two people dating who look exactly the same. They can also have the same exact personality, and or name.
Bob: "I kinda saw Dan and Danielle getting together. They are basically the same person."

Jerry: "Yeah, those dopplebangers were bound to hook up."
by WillShatner July 31, 2010
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