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Descriptive of and pertaining to acts or behaviours that come across in a somewhat off-kilter or awkward way that can be seen as any combination of clumsy, uncoordinated, silly, strange, ditzy, dizzy, loopy, nerdy, geeky, odd or offbeat, sometimes infused with unintentional humour. Doofiness can strike any one at any time, known as spontaneous or acute doofiness. Some suffer from prolonged or lifetime doofiness, such as individuals with Asperger's syndrome. These individuals often possess average or even above average intellectual ability, but often are predisposed to social, communicative, and/or coordination issues which very often manifest as doofiness.
Kate can be so doofy! She just walked head first into the closed door.
by Tony... November 21, 2007
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United Soviet States of America. The descent of the old USA into the proverbial shitter, along with the Orwellian atmosphere and clueless complacency of the general population has brought the nation down to a brainwashed bunch of sheep who are fodder for an ever more tyrannical government's whims... resembling life under Soviet rule.
I'm so glad I moved. Things are getting really bad back in the USSA!
by Tony... December 2, 2007
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