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Getting fired because of something that you wrote in your weblog.

"Blogger Heather B. Armstrong coined the phrase in 2002, after she was fired from her Web design job for writing about work and colleagues on her blog," (Source:
Last October, Delta Air Lines flight attendant Ellen Simonetti was fired, she said, for what her supervisor called a misuse of uniform. Simonetti had posted on her personal blog, Queen of Sky (now called Diary of a Fired Flight Attendant), pictures of herself, in her uniform, on an empty plane. Her blog also contained thinly veiled work stories.

(Yahoo! News)
by Mary Bo Barry February 11, 2005
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dooced: to lose one’s job because of one’s website.
Dude, I heard Janey got dooced last week.
by daveeee October 29, 2004
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1. To be fired from your job from talking about it on your blog.

2. "To have the hit count on one's blog jump from 20 to 6,000 hits per day from a single mention by Dooce." From

See also dooce.
1. I was dooced yesterday because some scumbag sent my boss the link to my blog.

2. Dooce linked me in her post and I got Dooced because of it.
by ladymadaysia April 18, 2005
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To be fired for "objectionable posts" on your website.
Acidman aka Rob Smith, owner of Gut was dooced by his employer, not for talking about work, but for talking about *things* and/or opinions that the company HR department found *objectionable*.
by Elizabeth Of the South June 05, 2005
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To have all social hell break loose when people you know and/or family members finally find and read your blog.
I went throgh a lot of trouble to keep my blog anonymous. It's just not worth gettign dooced.
by Girl, Unblogged November 02, 2004
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To lose one's job or position because of a web blog or website that is slanderous to someone or something.
Dan got dooced when he had to resign from student council because of his scandalous webblog.
by Jacoby January 28, 2006
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