This term refers to the video description box on YouTube.

This box, which contains information about the video, links, and tags, used to be universally referred to as the "sidebar," since it often appeared beside videos, but Craig Benzine (Wheezy Waiter) started referring to it as the "doobly-doo."

Other YouTubers, such as John Green (part of the Vlogbrothers) and Dan Brown, started to also call the sidebar the "doobly-doo," using Wheezy Waiter's terminology (and crediting him in various comments and tweets). The term is now widely used on YouTube.

This definition is designed to correct and expand on the definition 'dooblydoo' (misspelled) currently on UD
For more information, the link's in the doobly-doo.

To vote for me, please click the link in the doobly-doo.
by martha_s November 30, 2009
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The information box beside a youtube video. Usually referred to as the sidebar. The term was pioneered by Craig Benzine, better know as wheezywaiter, and was subsequently adopted by the popular vlogging siblings the Vlog Brothers.
wheezywaiter: "One more thing that's completely unrelated to this video: There's a new episode of Platoon of Power Squadron. It's a web series that I'm in... Link in the Doobly Doo."
by worthlesspeon13 December 3, 2009
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1. The word used to describe the description box of a youtube video : Used mostly by youtubers who are partners.
"Check out this site. Link in the Doobly Doo"
by The Eleventh Doctor November 17, 2009
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Youtuber: All right thanks for watching guys, and the link is in the doobly-doo.
by DoinYerBl-nk March 26, 2010
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A term to describe information in the sidebar of a YouTube video. Although there are many people who claim created this term, it was made popular by YouTuber RayWilliamJohnson.
"I'll leave a link in the doobly doo." -Ray William Johnson
by TheCampbellSuper March 14, 2010
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