one who appears physically and/or mentally retarded
Those kids in front of the school, katelyn, shannon, and ciocci, act like doobas.
by Keegan Wolfe March 6, 2007
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a stuffed bear, orange in skin tone, a bit shorter than a foot, wore after years of usage, only passed to someone you love,

derived from an odd tribal language called caitankevarian
related words in the language are: jooba, shooba, etc.
That is a cool dooba in your bed. Dooba lays with big dog.
by chickenlegboy January 7, 2008
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giving it to a drunk chick in the ass, and then taking a dump in her pants. dropping a duece in her pants will confuse her when she wakes up with a sore ass.
girl: "i woke up this morning my ass was killing me and i had shit in my pants. i think someone gave me a dooba
by 16G August 29, 2006
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when you are speaking with an africian americian and you can't understand a word coming out of their mouth
uh mane, ho had dun come up and dun stole-a my car-a mane! I be like ubba dooba deeba mane! you knows what i be sayin mane?

by jon jovi January 30, 2008
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Hooba Dooba (Hoo-buh-du-buh) variable 1. A word which can be used on many occasions. For example, "She just Hooba'd my Dooba". By common sense you should know what it means. Or when you do something crazy like jump out a window. It can also be used as a random word. For example, "Well this has gotten awkward, Hooba Dooba".
2 verb. Something you say randomly
1."You know what I'd rather do? *jumps out window* HOOBA DOOBA
2."Hey, wanna Hooba my Dooba in that capsule?"
3."Ho-hoo-Hooba Dooba?"
4."Hooba Dooba. "Audience Claps"
That was amazing! Hooba Dooba
by DoomGuy21 October 22, 2017
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A commonly unused name for Jail
by firechild555 September 8, 2022
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Person: The Kwik-e Mart is owned by a Dooba Doo

Thing: This is a Dooba Doo vase

Language: In the movie Slumdog Millionaire, they speak Dooba Doo.
by slumdogmillionairedoobadoo April 26, 2009
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