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Hooba Dooba (Hoo-buh-du-buh) variable 1. A word which can be used on many occasions. For example, "She just Hooba'd my Dooba". By common sense you should know what it means. Or when you do something crazy like jump out a window. It can also be used as a random word. For example, "Well this has gotten awkward, Hooba Dooba".
2 verb. Something you say randomly
1."You know what I'd rather do? *jumps out window* HOOBA DOOBA
2."Hey, wanna Hooba my Dooba in that capsule?"
3."Ho-hoo-Hooba Dooba?"
4."Hooba Dooba. "Audience Claps"
That was amazing! Hooba Dooba
by DoomGuy21 October 21, 2017
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When a extremely awesome thing happens during Pokémon Sun when you catch a cosmog.
1. I'm just playing Pokémon Sun- HOOBA DOOBA!!!!
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by MlgDoge 160000 December 16, 2016
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