Donut Day was coined one Friday morning when several friends left school and gathered at a common friends apartment. After becoming intoxicated on a large quantity of rum one friend left to buy donuts. Since then, each Friday is considered the day to skip out of highschool to become incredibly drunk and stoned at the apartment in which it began.

Commonly, Donut Day involves porn, shopping sprees at sex shops, dressing up men in lingerie, and an overall immoral time. With, of course, plenty of donuts.
"I'm sorry I won't be in school today, it's Donut Day."
"We need to get to the liquor store to stock up for Donut Day."
"Did you buy your weed for Donut Day?"
by Alyssia F. January 30, 2007
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December 16th is polygon donut day. On this day all donuts must be cut to look like a polygon. You get arrested if you eat a donut on December 16th that isn’t a polygon.
Dude, tomorrow is polygon donut day! Are you gonna stop at dunk n donuts to pick up some polygon donuts?

Hell yeah man, December 16 is my favorite day of the year!
by Fidget :) December 7, 2020
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15th march, Is the day after steak and blowjob day, so if your girlfriend forgets, you can still get that "juicy blowjob" that a hard working man deserves. Depending on the quality of the donuts and the blow job even the girlfriend may be orally rewarded, who knows...
Hey mark, did Sally forget what day yesterday (14th march) was...? Not to worry today's donut and blowjob day!
by Retrohomeslice March 15, 2014
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Also known as DOTD, donut of the day is a competition held on school trips, although predominatly skiing trips. Where the group nominate someone who has done something stupid on the previous day, for the award of donut for that particular day. Although mainly used for stupidity, be it verbal or physical, great stacks can also result in being nominated DOTD.

The person nominated DOTD wears a high visibility vest for the day, with the words 'Donut of the Day' clearly visable, and below this a list of the weeks winners and their instances of stupidity.

At the end of the holiday, a 'Donut of the Week/Trip' may be awarded, from the previous winners, with the overall winner keeping the vest.
You should have seen what Phil did earlier, it was Donut of the Day worthy.
by AM24 February 17, 2008
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December 18 is the day when everyone has to eat donuts, talk about donuts and pray for the gods of donuts for the whole day
Johnny: Ayo it's donut day
Frank: Oh, wanna eat some donuts together and go to the prayer at 8AM
!Johnny: Sure
by Oogle boogle shnoogle December 17, 2020
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Karen: Hey do you have cheese puffs?
Charli: no! but here’s a donut it’s national donut day!
by DnKnDonuts November 17, 2019
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