Another word for a complete twerp. A "dongle" will often be extremely clumsy and will come up with stupid ideas which, in reality, have no chance of working.
"get on james you dongle"

"He just walked in to a wall, what a dongle!"
by chris griffiths May 9, 2007
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the thing that hangs from the ceiling in a tain that you hold to. Often on trains in the London Underground. Can also be used as a metaphor. Dongling someone is when you are constantly badgering them and trying to get their attention by pulling their arm.
"Stop dongling me"
"I held on to the dongle as the train started"
by Lisa8999 July 11, 2008
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SecuTech Solution Inc, a leader in driverless software protection dongle business, has launched video protection solution-UniKey Video Protector, a comprehensive applications that provides video software vendors a straightforward way to safeguard their video content from piracy and illegal distribution.

Online video is being increase dramatically, which has led up to the increasing risk of piracyCtherefore there are huge requirements to ensure the video content is used by legal users

UniKey Video Protector intends to protect video/audio files like MPEG, AVI, WAV, RM and RMVB. It is an easy-to-use solution for software vendors who want to sell video data to customers while scared of illegal usage and distribution.

Just a click, video vendors can easily encrypt video files and send to the end users. In order to play the encrypted file, the end users must insert the correct UniKey dongle to play encrypted files.

Industries like online education, AV production can fully take advantages of UniKey Video Protector
Unikey , driverless dongle
by Mike1977 February 29, 2008
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On dongle is a term used to exclaim a true deep meaningful promise. The term dongle is used to emphasize the ability of one's virtue to carry out whatever the fuck is requested. The loss of the dongle is being defined as being unfaithful to the agreement.
"Im boutta fucking eat this bagel" said Jerry

"If i land this trick we fuckin" Said Tom
"On dongle??" Said Demarcus
by Rajeshornot October 29, 2022
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A nonchalant hand job between two men, which is not considered a homosexual act.
Bill and I participated in some dongling last night.
by General DBMS July 11, 2008
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The person in the middle of a threesome penetrating a person and being penetrated by another person.

The first person must receive, the second gives and receives, and the third only gives. To be a real dongle, there must be penetration with either a strap-on or penis.
Kevin didn't have a good time being the dongle last night when he didn't finish in sync with the others.
by Dildo1 February 25, 2017
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A large penis. In this sense it is meant to be the bigger version of a medium penis(a dangle), which is in turn bigger than a small penis(a dingle)
I was going to fuck that black chick last night, but she had too much roast beef from being nailed by many large dongles.
by BoxEater March 25, 2009
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