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A girl who will do anything for some dominos pizza.
Man that girl will do anything to get that pizza. What a dominhoe.
by sixdollasforahotdog?! July 23, 2013
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"dom-in-hoe": a square framed, sex depraved cretin, whose search for fame and fortune invariably crashes upon the rocky shores of reality; forsaking loftier dreams as a midget porn-star, it reverted to slaking its thirst for sex by getting a job at dominoes pizza stores across the country as a deliveryboy and "visiting" the houses of lonely young individuals (the persons' sex does not seem to matter) whenever possible; when caught, the creature flees the state for another location in another state (reasons for apparent obsession with the aforementioned pizza store is unknown)
dominhoe- creature flees the scene of its despicable antics very swiftly so no detailed description is available to the public, although there are rumors that it masquerades in public as a young lad of 16-17 years of age and its favorite targets are NY high-schools
by akprince April 21, 2010
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