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A Turkish food that has many varieties generally stuffed with ground beef. When it cooked with olive oil dolma does not include ground beef. Also, sarma is the other name of dolma if its wrapped by grape leaves. You can use bell pepper, zucchini, dried eggplant, tomato, and even onion and carved potato to fill your mixture and made dolma.

Dolma is clearly a Turkish food but it can be seen in other cuisins with some differences, by diffent names. However, if one nation calls this food as "dolma" then they should admitt that it is not their creation but Turks'.

(even the word, dolma, is in Turkish)

dolmak: is a Turkish verb that means " to be filled, be full" thus, dolma is the name of the food that you fill some ingridients into some vegetables.

sarmak: is a Turkish verb that means "wrap up"
" I have a Turkish friend who knows how to cook dolma."

by very berry November 06, 2006
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the best asian word ever created. people use it to insult other asians or just say it randomly because they love the word so much. it is also a type of TURKISH dish created by TURKS not smelly GAY greeks
Adem: Hey u greek bitch get in the kitchen and make me some dolma
Tina: shut up you fucking dolmi dolma dui ma mai
Asian Chick: DOLMAAAA!!!!
by DOLMIDOLMA July 19, 2008
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Armenian food that consists of meat,rice and other stuff wrapped around grape leaves or cabbage leaves an cooked.
GOAT: I have some dolma at my place
Armo: Ah sounds good
GOAT: Yaa let go im hungry

GOAT: I like green (grape leave) dolma better than white (cabbage)
Armo: Ya me too, the tighter the better
by GOAT FUKER February 27, 2005
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A slightly soft, not very large penis, similar in firmness and size to a dolma, the Armenian grape leaf treat.
Melissa: I was so excited to get him home til I realized he was packing a dolma.

Carmen: Gross. Well at least it doesn't count even if you tried to have sex with him.
by mounted buck January 17, 2008
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