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1- word adults use for making out when children are listening
2-all purpose word for inappropriate stuff that guys do to girls
3- one of the many alternative terms for penis
1- Father: Honey, do you want to go doinky-doink in the kitchen?

Child: Daddy, what is "doinky-doink?"
2- Yo I am so in the mood to go doinky-doink that girl right now.
3- Yo my doinky-doink is huge.
by DavideSophia March 08, 2010
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A specific play pattern recognized in the toy industry wherein a child uses 2 objects to represent characters interacting - one characters is bobbed up and down and the other character is then bobbed up and down in alternate to represent conversation.
My Little Pony #1 "Doinky doinky doinky, dionky doinky doink"

My Little Pony #2 "Doink doinky doinky doink!"
by stinkweed2000 December 28, 2011
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