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A putrid mutt of a person is disrespects thier friends and quite often slyly throws them under the bus in the worst possible way and can never be trusted.
That dogcunt stole my girlfriend and sold my mother.
by Chuck Mgyver August 20, 2011
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A Dogcunt is a person that has betrayed either a member of his/her friendship group or the group as a whole.

The act can be malicious eg; sleeping with a friend's parner, or non-malicious such as leaving a friend to face a beating in order to save one's own skin.
Friend one: I heard thomo fucked your mrs?
Friend two: Yep... Fucking dogcunt.

Friend one: So paul just left you to cop a beating from 3 guys?
Friend two: Yep. If he had've stayed we could have taken them, but I couldn't take three by myself.
Friend one: What a fucking dogcunt.
by Captain Caaaaaavvvveee maaaann February 08, 2012
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aussie slang term for someone who stabs their mates in the back
(old mate) a: "i think damo's been (rooting) my sister!"

old mate b: "what a fucking dog cunt!"
by bigdudeydude July 04, 2017
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An animal, whether canine or human, that gets fucked exclusively by dogs.
She's a dogcunt; or -- he's got a dogcunt for an asshole.
by dogrimmer December 14, 2003
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When someone goes out with your ex after breaking up with one of your good mates.
Dogcunt: I think I can dance and I like pokemon, oh and I like making group dynamics extremely fucked up.

Everyone: You are such a dogcunt.
by TruismPoet October 05, 2011
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