1-(noun) a movement in square dancing in which two dancers approach each other and circle back to back, then return to their original positions.
2-(verb) to perform a do-si-do.
Let's do-si-do now!
by Fangsta March 18, 2003
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A runaround that results in you ending up right where you started.
The operator do-si-doed me.
by cookiebooboo October 17, 2012
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1. A common square dancing move

2. A peanut butter sandwich cookie popularized by the Girl Scouts

3. A western-themed fore- or afterplay game. The man wears a cowboy hat on his erect penis and the woman wears assless chaps. The man has to lie or crouch on the floor with his hands and feet touching the ground at all times, the woman has her hands tied behind her back in a 'lasso'. The goal of the game is to transfer the cowboy hat from the man's penis to the woman's head. This game usually results in anal sex.
Yee-haw, Barbara and I are going to have a rousing game of Do-Si-Do tonight!
by Bad Girl Scout November 12, 2011
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To travel vegas from Cali back and fourth to smoke Girl Scout cookies
Me and my homie did a do si do for spring break
by Do si do February 11, 2017
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To juke somebody; take ones ankles
Do si do'ing that nigga, u gon have to see me
by ValidatedCorn January 31, 2022
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