I've been railing lines of do as you're told all night and I'm fucked

Shall we get a couple grams of do as you're told?
by Boiled Over April 2, 2022
Doing a Leia is when you promise yourself a dry week/month/year and you manage to slip directly on to a cider or bottle of vodka.
Person 1: Yoo you coming out Cami and Vinyl tonight?
Person 2: Yeaa might as well, was meant to be having a cleanse but I'm doing a Leia ain't I.
by Gwarn Miff April 4, 2016
When you have a girlfriend for months, but don't notice it because "there were no signs".
Synonymous : "To be the useless lesbian queen"
Have a fun a date but remember : Avoid to do a Pero
by boookman March 8, 2019
"Do you have any stuff" Is another word for do you have any drugs but you can say that so the Garda won't suspect you're trying to get some of the good stuff 👌
by ShAwN iLy August 22, 2018
To declare a winner when it is not someone's right to do so.
Seeing a reasonable punch in a boxing match, the announcer did a Samin and declared a winner. He was surprised later to see the judges did not share his opinion. Present tense is: Do a Samin.
by Louis Panama October 22, 2007
person 1 :dye do deses
person 2 : ong yas daddy 😩
by mewomarii May 23, 2022
Move to apartments. Also means literally do the pears.
Dude, I'm gonna do the pears.
by Garfield135 September 21, 2007