dkay is a promising system/network administrator who spends his spare time within the WinWorld discord server working on extravagant IT projects. He is a speaker of the dkay language.
When we were setting up the DNS server dkay said in dkay language "thsi thing id borke :norton:".
by Nerd0017 July 19, 2022
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Dkayed is a content creator for children's card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh. He is already over 32 years old and met his wife Gia at a children's card game local while trying to win the whole event. Outside of laying down cards on a table, he never learned any real skills. Without Gia asking him whether he wanted to invite her for a date, he would have never realized that women even existed. Nowadays, they're running DuelLinksMeta and MasterDuelMeta full time together in order to take money off their sheep fanbase and at the same time they also try to censor all types of criticism. Dkayed makes about 250.000 USD per year broadcasting how to play children's card games for his fanbase of illiterate fools who he's exploiting for all types of things.
Dkayed misplayed a card and when I pointed it out in the chat, I was banned despite being a subscriber of the channel. He takes his professional children's card game skills that seriously. He's trying to stay a respected children's card game champion after all.
by BullyWiiPlaza March 16, 2022
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Where one takes a shit then afterwards breaks his or her arm.
Last night I took a dkay and fucked my shit up
by Dkay dingus December 15, 2021
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