A hypocrite organization setup by their founder Dkayed which censors and bans everyone who they don't like from all kinds of places, wherever they can abuse their powers. Among their staff members, they have cheaters as well. Typically, DuelLinksMeta runs paid tournaments for children's card games and streams them on Twitch for personal financial gain. Their website displays DLM Pro banner pop-ups on every page load, apparently to feed their web developer bimbos which the organization holds hostage in a basement. The fanbase consists off sheep who cannot play the game or think for themselves so they need DuelLinksMeta to tell them what to do.
I once visited DuelLinksMeta's website and was appalled by all the blinking ads so I decided to install uBlockOrigin. After recommending to installing an adblock on Reddit, a horde of his angry fanboys yelled at me and I was banned from the subreddit by DuelLinksMeta nazi moderators.
by BullyWiiPlaza March 14, 2022
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