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45 year old man that hangs with children who play call of duty. he makes his living posting gossip on his youtube channel. if a pro cod player farts, he will make a video about it.
fagdj keemstar
by datkrispydude January 05, 2014
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An idiot who spends all of his time with little kids and starts crap on Xbox Live just to sound cool.

His only source of income is money-whoring on his livestream.
F@G sucks, cause that stupid prick DJ Keemstar
by DJKeenstar September 12, 2010
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Daniel "DJ Keemstar" Keem is popular for his trash talking on the popular Xbox 360 video game, "Halo 3". He is part of a "Federation" known as the "Federation of Asshole Gamers", AKA the "F@G."

While there are also over 16,000 other members to the "F@G", Dan "DJ Keemstar" Keem is one of the four leaders of the group. Dan and the other three leaders, Deranker, ROBOT, and I Need 2 Bukks all change the way Halo 3 is played. They take rudeness to the next level, and that is why they are famous. The group is known for multiple varieties of pranks and they used to pull the pranks off 100% successfully without fail. The group has become so popular that people have followed them into their games as they are trying to do their pranks. These people that follow the group usually ruin the prank and end up wasting the group's time.

The online celebrity was born on March 28th, 1982. (Age 28)
trash talk trashtalk DJ Keemstar
by Serious_Lemur July 14, 2010
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Hobbies- Betray(l)ing nubcakes on live, freestyling, and Owning little kids while playing Halo or COD
Interests- Your mother.
Companions- Deranker, BAAAAAD robot, 2 bucks
by A LOT OF JEWS March 12, 2010
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