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The word often used to refer to the monstrously huge metal bumpers found on the BMW E30 3-series from 84-87. The e30s of the year 1988 also came with d-boards however they were slightly shorter and the plastic bumpers from the 89+ e30s fit without any modification.

If you have an older e30 the plastic bumper swap is not so easy and requires some alteration to fit but nonetheless can look stunning.

D-boards can also be tucked and/or painted. The tucking method involves the owner drilling the bumper shocks and compressing them to make the bumper shorter. Painting the d-boards is also a nice touch and prevents them from making small children cry during the daytime.
"There is a family having dinner on your diving boards."

"Put your sun-glasses on, honey. There's a mean set of boards up the road."
by amaank January 20, 2006
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when a girl is giving you head. when your about to nut you pull out and smack the bottom of her chin and bust on her neck.
elisabeth was giving me head and I did the divingboard and busted on her neck
by rt and jc March 16, 2009
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Forcing down small random objects on your erection, propelling them through the air.
Guy1: Have you ever done the diving board?
Guy2: Thats how i was eating walnuts all last night.
by Cliford September 25, 2005
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When a girl is so fucken skinny, she looks like a divingboard, or better explained as flat on both sides, similar to a brick wall
Hot damn charlie,look at that girl. Now that my friend is a divingboard.
by JonnyC February 15, 2005
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