A channel that always has shows with lame, repetetive plots, and will make a show or a movie every time they think of an amusing pun or any random theme (i.e. a kid who plays baseball and cooks.) Although the target audience is 9 year old girls and fruity boys of their early teens/preteens, they will not heisitate to make movies like "High School Musical" (by the way, if they wanted to make a realistic high school movie, it wouldn't be on Disney Channel, it would be on comedy central at 10:00 at night.) Every frikin month they make a new movie and use the same actors (or better yet actresses) over and over and end up turning them into crappy, anerexic pop performers with no skill who end up lasting for little over a year.
Unfortunately you can tell it will be around for a LONG time since their so rich they dont even need to show commercials that dont advertise their own things
Disney Channel writer: ever notice how if you spell "suite" it sounds like "sweet"
Other Disney Channel writer: OMFG!!!! LETS MAKE A SHOW ABOUT IT!!!

I wouldn't care about Disney Channel, if it werent for my little sisters watching it all the fucking time
by Smart, Sane, Super great March 21, 2006
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A channel found on most cable and satellite TV packages.. It used to be a channel that had family-oriented, genuinely enjoyable TV shows, but now it's just a hugely regrettable mistake..
"Dude, please change the channel. This show is like something you'd find on the Disney Channel."
by BubblynotBuble January 31, 2010
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a channel that tis now cheesy but all 90's kids shall remember as "the shit"
not 90's smol child: DISNEY CHANNEL IS THE BEST EVER

90's kid: *sadness for smol child* they will never understand *sings along to best of both world while fan girling over Hilary Duff
by Wild Owls Sienna August 8, 2016
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Person 1: I'm tired of Fox and its cancled shows!
Person 2:What about Disney Channel?
Person 1: Same differnce....
by evilmuffin July 19, 2005
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Shows only retards and gays watch
disney channel is sooooooooooo lame... "kids just like you"
yeah right,how many kids out there:
1. Live in a 5 star hotel
2. Are physic
3. Get to live in the white house'
4. are from the year 2121
5. some country singer, that hid the truth from her friends
i know there are tons more, but i hate them. they can't even show ads that dont show their lame ass shows. The fact everyone is happy is quite disturbing..
ALSO their shows have NO PLOT or their production codes are fucked up. Take Lizzie Mc Gurie, The show begain over a lame IM rumor, then it ended on some dumb kiddie show ..

see a "show" needs a plot, so meaning the show will begain with a introduction, and the end can be with changes in the family, a guy starting to date a girl or something... NOT some lame ass ramdom plot.

and WTF is worng with "oh my god" its not like your saying gods name in vain

disney channel NEEDS to change their ways.... BIG TIME
by Chris Gonzales April 28, 2007
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Crappy TV channel where people are afraid from falling down 2 inches and is more cheesy than every cheese factory in Wisconsin and ALWAYS FUCKING PLAYS A LAUGH TRACK EVERY 00000000000.1 SECOND
Person 1: that thing is as bad as disney channel
Person 2: Yes indeed
by User010 March 4, 2021
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A channel that you can't get rid of.
Disney channel is on my basic cable package and all it shows Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. I'd might as well disconnect my cable *disconnects cables*...OMG, Hannah Montana is on So You Think You Can Dance!!!
by kyle 230 August 10, 2009
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