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The heightened sense of pleasure induced through extreme levels of comfort. Often causes a strange noise to be emitted, similar to a growl, can also be a sigh however.
After a long day at the office checking out the secretary Jed got back home, through off his clothes and had a comfort orgasm as he lay in bed.

Sandra had been on her feet all day picking up shit at the zoo but when she got back to her couch she had a major comfort orgasm which lasted for over a minute. She then proceeded to strum herself while watching the O.C
by Alski007 July 19, 2009
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To jet/dip/evade a problematic situation with haste and urgency.
1. Shit boi, I jus' laid down the law on that wasteman but he ain't movin for shit, man i gotta 2 step the fuck out of this joint.

2. I was well on stayin at his crib and passing the dutchie for a few more hours but some pigs parked up out front so i leapt in my slab and 2 stepped.

3. I was at my bitches crib blud and laid a fucking massive fudge dragon in her shitter, the fucking thing didn't flush so I had to 2 step out looking fresh like I ent got a clue what went down.
by Alski007 February 21, 2009
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1)To reject a statement/idea/proposal from a wasteman and to encourage said fool to look at himself and man the fuck up.

2) To cast a downing judgement on a fool's actions.
Wasteman: This party sounds hectic but I say we go to my nans, she cooks up a mean steak casserole.

Safeman: *kiss gums* Blud you trippin, disallow yourself.

Wasteman: Aight, Halle Berry would get it, but if you catch Rosie Odonnell from the right angle, I swear to ja I would happily poke her.

Safeman: Be easy nigga! step down. Think 'bout wha chu sayin' foo'. Dat bitch is stacked out. Disallow yourself.

Wasteman: *Gets his ankles broken in basketball match*

Safeman: 'memba I told chu, tell your friends and disallow yourself.
by Alski007 February 21, 2009
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