3 definitions by -Shiloh-

Person 1: Oh look at that fish. It's not moving.
Person 2: It's a Needletail
by -Shiloh- August 4, 2017
It's the negative prefix of allowed. We shouldn't say the word unallowed. It's supposed to be disallowed.
You are disallowed to cuss at us, asshole.
by -Shiloh- April 20, 2017
An insane, nonbinary edgelord who wears all black. Rainies are usually seen reading 1000 page books or comic books. They wear black eyeliner. Never get a Rainie mad or else they will rip off your head. They are not interested in love so don't even ask.
Person 1: Have you seen Rainie?
Person 2: Yes, they're hot
Person 1: Shut up, they'll rip your head off if they hear you say that!
by -Shiloh- September 5, 2017